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Members gain entry to’s exclusive basement waterproofing supplies. Become a member for a one-time fee of $350 for a lifetime membership. Order factory-direct! Same day shipping! Free shipping program! Exclusive, patented basement waterproofing systems! Once you purchase the lifetime membership you’ll get instant access to member’s only products!

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If owning a home is everyone’s dream, then owning a business is right behind it!


The growing field of basement waterproofing offers you, the entrepreneur, an outstanding opportunity to build a successful, professional business providing a valuable service to homeowners and builders. You can work for yourself, earn good money, and help others in your area achieve their own dream.

For those with experience in managing a current basement waterproofing business and for those who wish to start a basement waterproofing company in their area our Business Builders Member’s Kit will help jump start your company’s success in the waterproofing industry. Business Builder’s Membership Package includes:

  • Samples of exclusive products
  • 10 samples of our professional literature sales folders and inserts
  • Propriety artwork you can use on your website or advertising materials
  • Downloadable custom estimator document
  • Downloadable custom warranty document for all our exclusive products lines
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