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BaseShield Drainage Dimple Mat


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BaseShield is a dimpled waterproofing membrane that can be used in interior or exterior applications. BaseShield is installed onto the floor of the crawlspace to a create a waterproof membrane. Then, layer over the VaporBright Crawlspace liner to encapsulate the space and create a clean, bright finish.

Specs: 4ft by 50ft per roll
*Color my vary between gray or dark brown*
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BaseShield rolls are made in the USA with a recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that offers a strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure and excellent drainage. The dimples are aligned along a vertical and horizontal axis to rapidly channel water. BaseShield can be install in interior or exterior applications to create a waterproof membrane.


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How to Encapsulate Crawl Space the VaporBright and BaseShield System

Here’s the step-by-step installation guide to encapsulating and waterproofing a crawl space with the VaporBright and BaseShield. VaporBright system is available in a do-it-yourself kit or contractors can order your VaporBright and BaseShield supplies at a discounted rate.

Begin by measuring the wall height and add 12 inches. This will be the length of the VaporBright liner to cut from the roll. The VaporBright liner comes in a 12 foot wide roll folded in half. We recommend working in 12-foot wide sections across the crawlspace to avoid waste during installation.
Apply double sided VaporBright butyl tape at the top of the wall to adhere the VaporBright liner leaving the protective wrap in place.
Drill holes through the butyl tape into the concrete at 3-foot centers for placement of the fasteners.
Remove the protective wrap from butyl tape and apply the VaporBright liner over top of the butyl tape. VaporBright liner will cover the wall and extend 12 inches across the floor.
Next, install the VaporBright nylon expansion fasteners into the pre-drilled holes to secure the VaporBright liner.
Apply the white pressure sensitive VaporBright tape along the seams between liners to secure together and create a finished gas-tight seal.
Once the walls are fully covered, you can install the BaseShield Dimple Drainage mat dimples side down over the gravel and dirt floor.
The matting provides a durable subfloor beneath the VaporBright liner and aids in drainage.
Next install the VaporBright liner across the crawlspace floor. Measure the length needed. Apply double sided butyl tape 12 inches above the floor. Aligned with top edge of VaporBright liner and secure to butyl tape.
Apply the white pressure sensitive VaporBright tape along the seams between liners to secure together and create a finished gas-tight seal.
The result is a bright white, fully encapsulated and waterproofed crawlspace.

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