Super Sump Pump Kit



Our DIY sump pump kit includes the industry standard 1/3 HP sump pump, rigid pre-drilled structural foam basin, gas-tight lid and 1-1/2″ check valve. Jackel and Zoeller are top quality brands used by professional basement waterproofing contractors. You won’t find this PRO kit in any home centers.


  • Zoeller M53 1/3HP sump pump (3 year manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Jackel gas-tight lid
  • Jackel pre-drilled 18” x 24” basin
  • Jackel 1-1/2″ check valve

How to Install a Sump Pump:

  • Chose the location for the sump by looking for the best place to discharge the water.
  • Prep your basin by randomly drilling 1/4” holes all around the sides of the basin.
  • Place the basin upside down on the floor no closer than 14” from the wall.
  • Using a piece of chalk draw a circle around the edge of basin on the floor and remove the basin.
  • Using a rotary hammer drill a ring of 1/2” holes clear through the floor about 6” apart just outside the chalked circle.
  • Using a sledge hammer or an electric hammer bust out the concrete from the center out to the ring of holes.
  • Remove the concrete and dig down 24”. Pour a 5” base of 1/2” rock in the hole to set the sump basin on, add or remove rock so the top of the basin is flush with the surface of the concrete floor.
  • With the basin in place pour rock around the outside of the basin until the rock is 2” to 3” from the surface of the concrete floor. Pour cement around the basin and trowel flush with the surface of the concrete floor.
  • Screw a 1-1/2” threaded PVC cup in to the pump. Glue a 8” long peace of PVC pipe in to the threaded PVC cup.
  • Install the check valve onto the other end of the 8” long PVC pipe. Cut a piece of PVC pipe long enough to go from the top of the check valve to 6” above the surface of the concrete floor.
  • Now put the sump basin lid in place and glue a 45-degree elbow on the PVC pipe that’s sticking up through the cover. Plumb the PVC pipe back to the wall and 45-degree it up the wall and outside through the wall.

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 25 in