Fast Track System

Fast Track basement waterproofing systemFast Track is our most versatile basement waterproofing system. Fast Track is a hybrid, new generation drain tile. Fast Track Basement System requires half the work of drain tile and runs faster and more efficiently. Never use old-fashioned pipe and gravel again with Fast Track’s innovate design. Fast Track’s unique design allows it to be installed next to the footing, like drain tile, or on top of the footing. When installing next to footing use Drain-Eze (shown the photo) black dimpled board. When installing on top of footing use Rim-Skirt.

  • Rapid flow design needs a small amount of the water to drain quickly to sump pump compared to old-fashioned drain tile.
  • Self-filtering slits keep rock and sediments out.
  • Unique umbrella-like side ways prevent dirt from compacting against system and allows water to enter freely.
  • Rigid click-together main sections prevent stagnate water compared to corrugated pipe.


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