Fast Track Basement System (90ft)

ITEM# FT4449-90FT


Our most versitle waterproofing system! It can be installed on top of the footing along with our Rim-Skirt Basement System or down next to the footing when using our Drain-Eze Basement System. Never use old-fashioned pipe and gravel again!

  • 90 ft per carton
  • $2.20 per ft
  • 6 ft main sections
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Product Dimension
  • 6ft long main sections
  • 3-1/2 wide
  • 1-1/2 tall

Fast Track System is a low profile high-efficiency subfloor system, known as a hybrid basement waterproofing system.

Fast Track System out performs old-fashion 6-inch corrugate pipe in flow rates, labor and efficiency. Corrugated pipe’s store huge amounts of water before they could begin to flow water to the sump pump. To offset this waterproofer’s would buy smaller and smaller diameter corrugated pipe – 4-inch, then 3-inch. Still they were corrugated and would store upwards of 35% of the water in the corrugation. The high efficiency design of the Fast Track System begins to deliver water to the sump pump with only 3% of the water needed for a corrugated pipe system. The unique design of the Fast Tracks profile is best described as a upside down wedding cake. Slits filter water as it enters into the first tier requiring very little water before delivering it to the sump pump system. This kind of efficiency drains hundreds of gallons of water to the sump pump system hours before old-fashioned pipe and gravel systems deliver their first gallon. Fast Track installation is similar to old-fashioned pipe and gravel with the exception of the depth and width of the trench. Only 4 inches of depth and 4 inches of width is need for our hybrid basement waterproofing system. The Fast Track System uses the same lumber dimensions as a 2×4 stud. Each section is a rigid 6-foot long channel and snaps together using connectors. Corners are universal, which means they work as and inside or outside corner. Additional, components like sump drops and tees are available. Service ports can be added anywhere in the installation offering easy access should service or flashing ever be needed. In addition to the Fast Track System installers often use one of several applications to channel water from the wall across the footer and drop it quietly into the Fast Track System. The most common product used for this is called Drain-Eze. Drain-Eze System is a patented design of bifold and dimples that creates a 3/8-inch gap on top of the footer and up the wall for water to flow freely to the Fast Track set next to the footer. The harmony between the Drain-Eze and Fast Track make installation smooth, saving money and labor on materials. Fast Track can be installed on top of the footing with a product called Rim-Skirt. Rim-Skirt nests together with the Fast Track creating a fin that collects any seepage from the face of the walls and channels it into the Fast Track.

Rapid Flow Design

Fast Track unique contour design creates rapid flow with 1/5″ the amount of water needed in to create flow in your traditional pipe-and-gravel system.

Self Filtering Slits

Fast Track uses filtration slits rather than holes that commonly allow sediments into channel.

Clog-Free Channel

Fast Track hybrid design uses concave side walls, protecting the slits from sediments compacting the sides of the system.

Less Digging & Trenching

Main sections are rigid to eliminate peaks and valleys in your grad to the drain source.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 10 × 9 in