Basement Waterproofing Supplies for Professional Contractors 

Shop our complete line of exclusive waterproofing systems, sump pump supplies, crawl space materials and more. After decades in the waterproofing installation industry, we took our expertise and skills to develop and manufacture hybrid systems that move water faster and make installation easier at factory-direct pricing. 

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Exclusive Basement Waterproofing Systems

Compared to old-fashioned pipe and gravel, our exclusive interior basement waterproofing systems save money, shorten job times, and create bigger margins on each sale!

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WATERPROOF.COM is a third generation family business dating back to 1965. We’re located in Hudson, Wisconsin and ship our products Nationwide. All of our basement waterproofing products are proudly made in America. 

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Waterproofing Systems
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UnderGround Downspout Kit | Beaver
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Basement Waterproofing Systems

Fast Track basement waterproofing system
Fast Track
Drain-Eze basement waterproofing system
Drain Main Basement System | drain tile footer
Drain Main
Water X-Tract basement waterproofing system
Water X-Tract
Rim Skirt basement system
Fast Track basement system drain tile channel

Fast Track Basement System

Hybrid basement waterproofing drain tile system that’s 66% more efficient than traditional pipe and gravel. Our Fast Track Basement System is ICC-ES Certified (ESR-5117).

Drain-eze footer dimple drainage board basement waterproofing channel

Drain-Eze Basement System

Waterproofer’s #1 choice for low-profile footer drainage. Our unique patented design shortens installation time and bi-fold hinge absorbs common wave deformity seen in other products. 

Rim skirt basement waterproofing flange for fast track basement system

Rim-Skirt Basement System

Used along with our Fast Track channel, the Rim-Skirt creates a back fin to allow the Fast Track channel to be installed on top of the footing or in gravel crawl spaces. 

Drain main basement water guard system

Drain Main Basement System

Our stand-alone footer channel collects water from all major sources of a wet basement in one easy installation. Minimal trench and digging needed for this top performing subfloor channel that guards against basement water. 

Above floor beaver basement channel cove waterproofing system

Water X-Tract Basement System

Our original above floor baseboard channel relieves hydrostatic pressure without jackhammers or trenching. Channel is bonded water-tight with our exclusive Pro-SealOnce Waterproofing Adhesive. Ideal for monolithic foundations. 

Prosealonce basement waterproofing adhesive

Pro-SealOnce Waterproofing Adhesive

Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds our Water X-Tract Basement System water-tight to concrete floor in wet or dry conditions. Our exclusive waterproofing sealant is a new-generation single component adhesive without solvents.

Crawl Space Supplies

Crawl space materials supplies for contractors

VaporBright Crawl Space System

Reinforced crawl space encapsulation system available in 12-MIL and 20-MIL thicknesses with a white-on-white finish. We all carry the tapes and fasteners needed to install system.

BaseShield drainage dimple mat for waterproofing basement and crawl spaces

BaseShield Drainage Dimple Mat

BaseShield is a dimpled waterproofing membrane that can be used in interior or exterior applications. BaseShield is installed onto the floor of the crawlspace to a create a waterproof membrane.

Sump Pump Supplies

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  • Jackel Professional Sump Basin

    Jackel 18″ x 24″ Pre-drilled Basins (2 Pack)

  • Jackel Gas-Tight Lid Basin Cover

    Jackel Gas-Tight Lid (2 Pack)

  • Jackel Split Lid Basin Cover

    Jackel Split Lid (2 Pack)

  • Zoeller M53 1/3HP Sump Pump basement waterproofing system

    Zoeller M53 1/3HP Sump Pump

  • Zoeller M98 1/2HP Sump Pump basement waterproofing sump pump system

    Zoeller M98 1/2HP Sump Pump

  • Zoeller 507 Key basement waterproofing battery backup sump pump system

    Zoeller Aquanot® Key 507 Battery Backup Pump

  • Zoeller AquaNot Spin 508 basement waterproofing sump pump and battery backup system

    Zoeller Aquanot Spin 508 Backup Pump / M53 Sump Pump System

  • Jackel Check Valve

    Jackel 1-1/2″ Check Valve (6 Pack)

UnderGround Downspout Kit | Beaver

UnderGround Downspouts

Manages roof water run-off and keeps water away from the foundation.

scarifier basement waterproofing tool

Specialty Waterproofing Tools

Speciality tools for basement waterproofing contractors. 

Basement Waterproofing Supply Store

Sales Materials

Member’s Only: Professional printed sales materials, marketing downloads and custom documents. 

Basement waterproofing dimple board system - Drain-Eze

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Our basement waterproofing systems are designed with efficiency, structural integrity and saleability in mind! Reduce your labor time and product costs with our systems, while growing each sales profit margin! Member’s have access to a full-array of professional line of basement waterproofing supplies and sump pump solutions from top manufacturers in the waterproofing industry, including top brands – Zoeller, Jackel, Aurand, and Dranjer.

basement waterproofing reviews

Trusted By Thousands of Contractors Nationwide

“My company has used this system for several years now with good success. Highly recommend for mono slabs that are nice and level. Sloping or uneven slabs will give you trouble. The underground system works in those cases. Ryobi battery operated caulking gun makes installation a lot easier!”

Stephen S.

“Love your drain tile that we use on all our waterproofing jobs. It has never failed us.”

Max R.

“We used this product to support of french drain systems in 2 basements. This product was very easy to use and made our work simple. After a year of installation now we are seeing the great results of the work. Reliable material and highly recommended. Will use again on my current project.”


“ALWAYS quality products shipped and delivered in a reasonable time frame. OUTSTANDING customer service!”

Ellen T.

“Fantastic we use it in most of our applications!”

Lisa R.

“I have used several different basement drainage type systems in the past. This was by far one of the easiest and simplest systems to install. We will defiantly be ordering more.”

Lee R.

Professional Basement Waterproofing Supplies

Hybrid drain tile system | Professional basement waterproofing supplies

Hybrid Basement Waterproofing Systems

Fast Track System is our most versatile waterproofing system. Fast Track can be installed next to the flooring (pictured above) with our Drain-Eze (black, dimpled L-shaped product) or on top of the footing with our Rim-Skirt. Fast Track is a game changer – you’ll never use old-fashioned pipe and gravel again! Fast Track System comes with service port clean-outs, universal corners, sump drops, tees and snap-joints.

Drain tile system | Professional basement waterproofing supplies

Footer Basement Waterproofing Systems

Drain Main System is our rugged, stand alone footer system. Drain Main’s innovational design incorporates the sub-floor system with wall drainage. Drain Main System requires 40% less wear on your men! 70% less load on your trucks! 20% more money on your bottom line!

Baseboard system | Professional basement waterproofing supplies

Above Floor Baseboard Channel

Water X-Tract System doesn’t require any jackhammers, trenching, or hauling mud in and out of the basement! The hollow PVC baseboards are bonded water-tight to the concrete with our powerful Pro-SealOnce waterproofing adhesive. Water X-Tract is ideal for basements that leak water through the joint where the floor and walls meet, and monolithic foundations.

Sump pump materials | Professional basement waterproofing supplies

Sump Pump Solutions

We offer top of the line professional sump pump materials including Jackel structural foam basin and covers, Zoeller 1/3HP, and 1/2HP sump pumps, Zoeller 507 battery backup, Jackel check valves and much more…

Crawl space vapor barrier liner | Professional basement waterproofing supplies

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Our VaporBright crawl space liner is a 20-mil reinforced puncture and tear resistance vapor barrier. Installed with our industrial tape and nylon fasteners to anchor to the basement walls.