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Over the past 50 years we’ve helped homeowners just like yourself dry up their wet, leaky basement for under $1,000! Our do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system is easy to install and lasts for decades! Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our products and ease of installation…

DIY basement waterproofing reviews
“Thought you might like to see how your system turned out for us on a rental house we own. We had water all the time in this basement and decided to tackle the issue ourselves. We are seniors and found it to be very easy to do. Instructions were great. We had to work in a lot of water and that did make the job more difficult but with your system and another product to repair the cracks in the floor and then coat the entire floor we now have a dry basement. The total transformation is incredible. I am glad that we researched and found your system. Thanks for a great product for the do it yourselfers.” Ken & Patty Merritt

Louisville, Kentucky

“Finished installing my waterproofing last week and two heavy rains later not a single drop! Great product!” Darrell


“Hello! I just wanted to let you know I installed this system in my basement 12 years ago. It is still holding up. I have had a dry basement ever since. Thank you for a great product! It was worth every penny of the investment!” Kerry Green


“I installed the SealOnce do-it-yourself basement system. Since then, it has stood up to hurricane Irene and hurricane Sandy. IT WORKS GREAT!” Henry T.

Woolrich, New Jersey

“I actually am in sales for a waterproofing company. I asked my boss what he would charge me for a kit to do my two 30 ft walls that are underground in the basement. He said if I did it myself the materials would be 1000.00 I am proud to report that your materials cost me 336.00 and my installation went off without a hitch and I have a dry basement that drains perfectly out of two gravity drains. You have a great product at a great price.” Rob

Walland, Tennessee

“After 6 years of soaking wet frustration I stumbled across your product on the internet. After reviewing the installation guide I felt that I had nothing to lose so I purchased your product. It was common prior to installation that even the smallest amount of precipitation would find a way into my basement… well that’s now a thing of the past. Since installing the system my basement has been completely dry. We have had multiple opportunities for there to be flooding, however your system has kept us high and dry. Thank you so much for your product, the easy to follow instructions and the utmost ease of installation. I would recommend the system to anyone. Thank you for a great product.” Peter

Pine Island, New York

“It was easy to install and the parts and instructions were excellent. Thanks.” Gordy Reed

Iron Mountain, Michigan

“Installed your product into the landing between kitchen and basement almost 2 months ago. Of course no hard rain since then…lol. Anyhow finally a good day long rain yesterday and happy to say I could see water behind the baseboard but no leaks! You have no idea how happy that makes me! I will probably order more soon for other areas of the basement! Thanks!” Peggy Yehl

New Jersey

“Hi, Just want to tell you that you have a very good product that is easy to install. I had seepage in my basement every time it rained but since installing the system we have been totally dry. No more musty, damp basement.” Francis Gaudi

Lockport, Illinois

In February of 2015 I purchased what was needed based on the Squidgee DIY calculator and was surprised at the minimal cost for what was needed! The materials were delivered with in the week of ordering and installation took one day. With all the rain in the Midwest this year I am happy to say that I now have a dry basement thanks to your product! I received quotes from a few professional basement de-watering companies and your product allowed me to save over $1500.00 compared to their quotes. Thank you for making a quality and affordable product that can help relieve the headaches of a wet basement. I will be referring your products to anyone that I hear having water issues in their homes! Andrew Finn

Bartonville, Illinois

“Hi, I bought your product a couple of months ago and finished installing it in my basement about a month ago. My house is a hillside ranch built in the early fifties with no drainage on the outside and I would get water in the basement after most rains, not a lot but enough to keep us from finishing it. Over the past couple of weeks we have experienced the most rain I can remember since I bought the home, about 11 years ago. We did not get one drop of water in the basement. Not only did your product keep the basement dry, it was easy to install. The only problem encountered was removing the old cutback (tar) that held down the vinyl tile on the floor. Great product!” Tom Hoepf

Tiffin, Ohio

“Bought the SquidGee system and installed it the winter of 2010/2011. Tons of rain spring 2011 and no issues with my basement. I had been struggling with the leaks for years. The cost was also way better then any of the alternatives.” Patrick Dluge

Southfield, Michigan

“Have to write to say, so far I think I have my water problem licked! Had 2 basement walls that leaked profusely, and have installed french drains uphill from each. Still had water problems every spring. Ordered parts from you, and so far this year, I have a dry basement. Actually had water flowing from the end of the system, and 1 very small leak, at most too small to be called a leak. Am ordering more tubes of sealant, as I ended up with more panels than sealant, but that’s my fault not yours. It’s good to hear my sump pump turn on, and not have a big puddle of water staring Me in the face. Will keep you informed as to the success after we clear the rest of the spring runoff. So far, looking good.” Larry Locke

“Hi, I have lived in my home for 7 years. It was built in 1938 and the basement gets wet every time we get heavy rain. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished installing your product in my basement yesterday. This morning we had 2-3″ of rain and my basement is bone dry! All of the water is going right into the sump pump where it belongs! Installation was easy – I recommend this product to anyone who has similar basement problems. Thanks!” Bob Eben

Hatboro, Pennsylvania

“Two years ago I installed your system in a portion of my basement. After two years of service I’ve found that this product has worked very well. So well that I’ve just placed an order for my friend and we’re going to fix his water problem also. Thanks for the wonderful product and best of all it is very inexpensive as compared to the other systems I looked at.” Tim Palmer

York, Pennsylvania

“Hi, I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our purchase. The cover works perfect and has given our 9-year old a new summer to look forward to. Thank you so much for your waterproof cast cover.” Michelle Yelton

“I live in NJ.. we got hit by sandy last year. I live about 2 hours away from seaside and had 90 shingles of roof damage…but the basement stayed dry…try this product…you wont regret it… Without this product my stuff would of floated away forever.” Diane Cender

New Jersey

“I installed the SealOnce do-it-yourself basement system. Since then, it has stood up to hurricane Irene and hurricane Sandy. IT WORKS GREAT!” Henry T.

Woolrich, New Jersey

“Just to let you know my wife installed your SquidGee System all on her own! I drive a truck and was in the states at the time. She likes to handle small projects around the house when I’m away. But installing a waterproofing system is a bold undertaking for anyone. She did a great job and said you were most helpful with her questions. You make a good product and I thank you for your help.” Jeff


“Hello, I would like to thank you for your products used to waterproof my basement. I installed it and found it to be easy to install…..especially after the purchase of a pneumatic caulking gun! Several years after installing, after three days of rain, I am watching water being directed to the sump pit without damage to the basement. Such a wonderful feeling! The only problem left is thin, narrow cracks in the floor when the water table is high, water seeps in slightly. Is there any products you have to repair this? Thank You.” Laura Smolnicky

“I want to start off by saying that after I installed your system the water just disappeared. Well at least I know where it’s going right to the sump instead of all over the floor. I do have one problem though and hope you can guide me through this one. After a horrid rain which everyone got water in their basement I thought that we were home free when I didn’t see anything on the floor but the sump pump was cranking away at regular intervals. The next morning there was water not a lot but enough. I thought well at least we didn’t finish off the basement yet and it could have been worse. It surely would have been horrible if we didn’t have your system. Here is the problem. When I installed the system I moved the sump from the middle of the basement floor (someone’s idea of a joke) and placed it in the corner of the basement. When I saw the water I thought how could that be leaking since I tested it with water and made sure the system was sealed. Well I found out that the leak was where I filled and cemented the old sump hole now I have a nice 15×15 square that has cold joints on all four sides. The water is leaking in where the old sump pit was along the joint where I poured the new concrete. So what can I do to seal this so that it does not come up there any more? Thanks for the help.” Jeff Mangels

Norwalk, Conneticut

“Dear Jeff, I have been in the basement waterproofing business all my working life and experience has proven that water under pressure will find a way into your basement. As a professional waterproofer I would never try to seal water out with paints or glues. In your case I would trench from the old sump hole to the new sump with corrugated drain tile and drain the water to the pump, especially if you have plans for the basement.” Ken Cotten