Drain Main Basement System (90ft)

ITEM# DM4447


Drain Main Basement System is our rugged stand-alone interior basement waterproofing footer system. This footer channel offers superior protection against basement water seepage in one easy installation. Unlike traditional drain tile there is no mud digging or trenching needed.

  • 90 ft per carton
  • $3.09 per ft
  • 6 ft main sections
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Drain Main Basement System Footer TileSuperior Protection In One Easy Installation

Drain Main Basement System’s innovational design integrates the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor drain tile system in one product.

Open Back Never Restricts Water

Drain Main Basement System’s open back design allows water to enter the channel for the full length of joint where the footing and walls meet. Unlike other systems that restrict water intake to holes punched in the back channel.

Bone Dry Cement Seams

Drain Main Basement System’s front toe channel collects water directly under concrete seam keeping the seam between the old and new concrete bone dry after installation.

Catches Water From The Face Of The Wall

The 3 ridged spacers along the backside fin of the Drain Main Basement System catches water that may come down the wall from a crack or window well and channels it into the the system. Drain Main collects water seepage from the primary sources and quietly drains it away to the sump pump system leaving a bone dry basement.



How to Install

Step 1: The floor has to be a minimum of 3-1/2” thick over the footing. Start by installing the sump pump system first. This will help manage water flow during the process of breaking out the concrete along where the floor and walls meet.

Step 2: Beginning at the sump pump, remove concrete floor away from the wall approximately 6″ wide and all the way down to the footer.

Step 3: Set a short section of the Drain Main on the footer and verify that the vertical portion of the Drain Main will stick up above the floor surface a quarter inch to 1” after the cement work is finished. If needed, some fine rock can be poured over the footing to raise the Drain Main Basement System to achieve the right height. Continue laying out the Drain Main Basement System using the pre-molded corners and sump drop kit until you have a continuous conduit along the open trench.

Step 4: Seams between the main sections should be covered with vinyl duct tape to keep concrete from getting into the system while pouring concrete.

Step 5: Once the system is completely laid out and seams taped, pour pea rock into the trench. Fill the trench up to the top of the footing with rock. This will leave adequate space to pour several inches of concrete over the Drain Main Basement System, while allowing for the back fin of the Drain Main to stick up above the concrete and catch any water that may come down the wall through cracks or window wells.



Basement waterproofing expertsWork Smarter Not Harder Footer System

The Drain Main Basement System was engineered and patented by Ken Cotten, WATERPROOF.COM founder, after decades of hands-on experience in the basement waterproofing installation business. Ken designed the Drain Main Basement System for waterproofing contractors seeking a subfloor system without the back-breaking work of drain tile.

Ken designed a basement system that would collect the water coming in from where the wall sat on the footer without losing or dumping water under the concrete slab. Ken engineered a waterproofing system that tapped into the main source of a wet basement and trapped it into the main channel by adding flexible PVC fins on the bottom of the channel, which reduced water from escaping under the system. This new system design also combined attributes of an above floor system that would collect water from the face of the basement walls and direct it into the Drain Main channel. The end result was the rugged footer drain known as the Drain Main Basement System, which requires far less concrete removal and no trenching under the floor. 

Additional information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 22 × 4 in