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With over 50 years in the basement waterproofing industry, we know how to fix a wet basement – permanently. Over the past 5 decades we’ve developed the most reliable and proven basement systems for do-it-yourself homeowners needing an affordable remedy to their wet basement. We’ve also developed a full range of professional basement waterproofing systems for contractors wanting the latest foundation technology at factory-direct pricing.


For do-it-yourself homeowners that want to solve their wet basement problem – permanently – and save money.


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We proudly manufacture all our exclusive waterproofing products in the USA using premium recycled plastic!

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We are a third generation family owned and operated business since October 2016!

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We strive to process and ship every order the same day as placed so you can start fixing your wet basement ASAP!

Over 10,000 Dry Basements

We’ve been helping homeowner’s dry up their wet basements since 1965 with the latest technology in the basement waterproofing industry. Over the past few decades in business, we’ve collected a great deal of customer testimonials…

I received your system a month or so ago and this past week I took a couple of days to get prepared for installation, drilled holes all around in the base of the blocks to let the water weep out of the foundation walls. Cleaned and prepped the floor and then installed the system! At first I was a bit doubting but once installed the basement is now bone dry and the system is collecting the water and sending it to the sump pump! The adhesive is amazing stuff and even though there were several areas where it was pretty wet (even with sucking the water out with a shop vac before adhering to the floor) the stuff cured and is solid to the floor! This house is going on the market in about 3 weeks and it is nice to know we can show that we have solved the weeping basement issue and made it a nice dry space to use! Thank you and have a great day!

Mike Lippmann

Ontario, Canada

I actually am in sales for a waterproofing company. I asked my boss what he would charge me for a kit to do my two 30 ft walls that are underground in the basement. He said if I did it myself the materials would be 1000.00 I am proud to report that your materials cost me 336.00 and my installation went off without a hitch and I have a dry basement that drains perfectly out of two gravity drains. You have a great product at a great price.


Walland, Tennessee


DIY Basement Waterproofing Products

We’ve helped over 10,000 dry up their wet basement for LESS than $1000! Easy do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system! Follow our DIY guide to fixing a wet basement – permantently!

Contractor Basement Waterproofing Supplies

We manufacture and design professional basement waterproofing systems using the latest foundation technology. We’re your one stop shop for PRO waterproofing supplies.

UnderGround Downspouts

Our UnderGround Downspout keeps roof water away from your foundation (a key preventative step to a wet basement). They are maintenance free, work in freezing conditions and you can mow right over them!

Do-it-yourself! It’s easy! Nation’s #1 DIY basement waterproofing system. Start your project using the latest in foundation waterproofing technology! Easy to install! Permanent results! Bond water-tight in wet conditions! As seen in “This Old House.”

Our PRO Basement Waterproofing Systems
Save On Labor Costs & Increase Your Bottom Line.

Our PRO line of exclusive systems are designed with efficiency, structural integrity and saleability in mind! Reduce your labor time and product costs with our systems, while growing each sales profit margin! Member’s have access to a full-array of professional sump pump solutions from top manufacturers in the waterproofing industry, including top brands – Zoeller, Jackel, Aurand, and Dranjer.

UnderGround Downspouts

UnderGround DownSpout diverters keep roof water away from your foundation! Proper water management around the foundation of your home can be very effective at keeping the water from reaching your basement. Stop water before it leaks into your basement!

The most serious problem with seamless gutters is downspouts that discharge the water right next to the foundation! Our innovative product used has been used with seamless gutters on over 90 thousand homes is our UnderGround DownSpout diverter kit!

DIY basement waterproofing always begins outside the home. Back filling any low areas and slope the ground away from the foundation.