Do-it-yourself Basement Waterproofing System SquidGee Dry Baseboard Channel Product

DIY Basement Waterproofing
SquidGee Dry System

If water is coming in through the joint where the floor and walls meet, the DIY basement waterproofing SquidGee Dry System is ideal for this water problem. The hollow baseboard channels quietly collects the seeping water and drains it away. Easy DIY basement waterproofing instructions! The only skill needed is the ability to follow directions! Save yourself big money and dry up your wet basement with the DIY SquidGee Dry!

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SquidGee Dry System is one of the best DIY basement waterproofing systems custom-tailored to fit your basement's needs! Get a Quick Quote for your wet basement and compare it to what a Pro would charge! Get a Quick Quote for your basement!

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Main Section Dimensions:
5" Height x 1-3/4" Depth x 4' 6" Length

One tube of SealOnce Adhesive is needed per Main Section for proper installation. Inside and Outside Corners are pre-molded. End Caps are universial.

Material: Water-Resistant Polyvinyl Chloride

Color: Dark Gray

Main Section SQ4446 $11.98
Inside Corner SQ5556 $6.99
Outside Corner SQ8886 $6.99
End Cap SQ1116 $1.99
Butt-Joints (5 Pack) SQ2226 $5.99
SealOnce Adhesive SQ3336 $6.98

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DIY basement waterproofing system to remedy a wet basement - SquidGee Dry System View installation guide.
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SealOnce Adhesive basement waterproofing sealant SealOnce Adhesive works where others fail!

SealOnce Adhesive has the ability to cure in wet and damp conditions! Its brute strength will last for years to come and its easy installation makes the SquidGee Dry System ideal for do-it-yourself homeowners seeking a remedy to their wet, leaky basement! Using our Quick Quote, you can calculate and compare the cost of your DIY project to what it would cost to have a Pro working in your basement. Save big money by installing our contractor-grade system yourself!

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With the SquidGee Dry System we don't cut corners! Ours are pre-molded!

SquidGee Dry System comes with pre-molded inside and outside corners for seamless installation! You don't have to mider together your corner pieces. Simply glue the SquidGee Dry corners in place. It's that easy! The SquidGee Dry System is a do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system ideal for basements leaking water from the joint where the floor and walls meet. Our DIY baseboard system comes with a detailed installation guide, walking your step-by-step through the installation process!

See Detailed Installation Guide

Pre-molded inside and outside corners make DIY basement waterproofing fast and easy!
Basement Waterproofing Product SquidGee Dry is one of the top industrial-grade dry basement systems now available to the do-it-yourself market!

Industrail-grade thickness and superior construction makes the SquidGee Dry System a top-notch DIY basement waterproofing product! There are thousands of dry basement across the United States and Canada because homeowners choose the professional-grade SquidGee Dry System to remedy their wet basement. We have countless systems that have been installed for over 25 years!s

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Wet basements are a common ailment in homes across the country, and properly waterproofing a basement can be a long and challenging process. If professional contractors are involved, basement waterproofing costs can exceed thousands of dollars, and render your basement unusable for months.

But there is a better way! Whether you’re waterproofing an unfinished basement, experiencing new leaks in an old basement, or you’re waterproofing a new basement, the SquidGee Dry System can save you time, money, and headaches and effectively waterproof basement areas.

The SquidGee Dry System can be easily installed by a single person, and the process is simple enough for an individual with little or no experience in home improvement. All the materials and components needed for waterproofing a basement are purchased separately, allowing you to custom tailor the SquidGee Dry System to a basement of any size or shape, and an illustrated guide is provided to lead you step-by-step through the installation process.

Assessing Your Basement Needs:


Do-it-yourself SquidGee Dry Basement Waterproofing System
SquidGee Dry main section, inside corner, outside corner, butt-joint, end cap, SealOnce Adhesive