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Waterproof your basement like a PRO! It's easy, do-it-yourself!

DIY Basement Waterproofing SquidGee Dry SystemDo it yourself basement waterproofing products

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4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook ReviewsOrder your custom DIY basement waterproofing kit today! Click the 'Cost Calcluator' button above to get a quote for your basement in seconds.

The SquidGee Dry System offers homeowners quality construction, superior performance, and the opportunity to turn their wet basement into additional living space at just a fraction of the cost of ordinary contractor installed drain tile systems. SquidGee Dry System makes sense and will save you big bucks! The dependable and affordable way to dry up wet basements with more than 30 years of proven performance! No jackhammers... No messy mud hauling... No trenching or digging... No clogging with dirt!

Easy to install! Read step by step instruction guide. Easy to install! Get a quick quote for your diy basement waterproofing kit

The only skill needed to install the DIY basement waterproofing SquidGee Dry System is the ability to follow instructions! Our easy to follow step-by-step installation guide is included with every order. SquidGee Dry baseboard channel and SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight and lasts for decades! SquidGee Dry System is an ideal remedy for basements leaking water through the joint where the floor and walls meet, called the cove joint. This hollow PVC baseboard channel is bonded watertight to the basement floor using the powerful SealOnce Adhesive to collect and manage seeping water. SquidGee Dry System includes pre-molded inside and outsider corners, butt-joints to connect each main section together, and end caps to dead-end the system. When installing the do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system you will need one tube of SealOnce Adhesive per main section. Average cost is $6 per foot, including shipping! Get a quick quote for your basement!

SquidGee baseboard main section

SquidGee Dry
Main Section


SealOnce Adhesive waterproofing sealant



Inside corner



Outside corner



Butt-joint connectors



End cap



Why More Homeowners Choose SquidGee Dry:

Open back design Our open back system does not restrict water flow.

Professional grade DIY system for homeowners Contractor-grade product.

Pre-molded corners Pre-molded inside and outside corners.

Butt joints seal channel watertight Includes butt-joints to make a seamless watertight connection at the critical joint between main sections.

DIY waterproofing sealant SealOnce Adhesive is the key to a successful installation! Our remarkable and exclusive SealOnce Adhesive formula bonds vinyl to wet concrete.

DIY basement waterproofing product Ability to install the SquidGee Dry System in either wet or dry conditions.

Waterproof Any Type of Basement

Poured Wall Basements:

Poured Wall Basements

Poured wall basements have cracks from the upper part of the wall extending down to the floor. These cracks seep water and relieve water pressure around the basement.

Seal all vertical cracks EXCEPT the lower 3 inches of the wall or cracks with CRACK! Wall Repair Sealant. NEVER seal the joint where the floor and wall meet! This joint must be kept open to relieve hydrostatic pressure. The SquidGee Dry System will collect water seepage from the vertical wall cracks and from the joint where the floor and wall meet, channeling it to your floor drain or sump pump.


Block Wall Basements:

Block Wall Basements

The SquidGee Dry System is just as effective in block wall basements as it is in those with solid poured walls.

Because the baseboard is not attached to the wall, it allows air to circulate within the block cavities to help keep them dry. It also provides a source of disposal for upper-wall moisture to enter the channel.

Hydrostatic pressure is relieved in block wall foundations by drilling weep holes in the concrete block cavities at floor level. The hollow SquidGee Dry channel collects the seepage.

Customer Testimonials

Before and after do it yourself basement waterproofingThe SquidGee Dry System has dried up thousands and thousands of wet basement across the United States and Canada! SquidGee Dry System has proven itself during springtime snow melts in Michigan to heavy rainfalls in Pennsylvania, and even stood up against hurricane strength storms in New Jersey!

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“I installed the Squidgee do-it-yourself. Since then, it has stood up to hurricane Irene and hurricane Sandy. IT WORKS GREAT!” – Henry T. from Woolrich, New Jersey

""I actually am in sales for a waterproofing company. I asked my boss what he would charge me for a kit to do my two 30 ft walls that are underground in the basement. He said if I did it myself the materials would be 1000.00 I am proud to report that your (SquidGee Dry System) materials cost me 336.00 and my installation went off without a hitch and I have a dry basement that drains perfectly out of two gravity drains. You have a great product at a great price." - Rob from Walland, Tennessee

As Seen In These Publications

This Old House magazine, Handy magazine, Waterproof magazine and Wall Street JournalAs seen on A&E and used in a basement waterproofing feature on "This Old House." SquidGee Dry System has been seen in American How To... Family HandyMan... Mother Earth News... Today's Homeowner... Waterproof!... Handy... The Wall Street Journal...

We have been manufacturing in the USA since 1984 and shipping our basement waterproofing products all across North America! Read Our Company History >


SquidGee Dry System: Do-it-yourself basement waterproofing baseboard channel system

How to order: Use the Quick Quote to calculate the items needed for your basement.

5 inches vertical
1 3/4 inches horizontal (System sits 2 inches away from basement wall when installed)
4 feet 6 inch long sections
(SquidGee Dry System comes with pre-molded inside and outside corners for seamless installation! You don't have to miter together your corner pieces. Simply glue the corners in place.)

Color: Medium Gray (Can be painted with a flat, latex paint if desired)

Material: PVC

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