UnderGround Downspout Kit Installation Guide

The Hidden Downspout You Can Mow Right Over

UnderGround Downspouts are downspout extensions made to keep roof water away from your home’s foundation. It’s entirely underground removing all obstructions versus traditional downspout extensions that lay across the lawn. You can even mow right over them!

UnderGround Downspout extension kit components labeled
What You’ll Need: Along with your UnderGround Downspout Kit you’ll need, 4-inch solid thinwall PVC pipe (10ft long), 4-inch 90-degree PVC elbow, shovel, tin snips and gravel.
UnderGround Downspout Extension Installation Guide
Step 1: Select a location at least 8 feet out from the downspout and dig a circular hole for the Bubbler Pop-up. Make this hole 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Fill the bottom of the hole with 2 inches of gravel. Make sure the top of the green lid will be flush with the dirt line when installed.
UnderGround Downspout Extension Installation Guide
Step 2: Scoop out a shallow trench from the downspout to the Bubbler Pop-up hole. For an 8-foot pipe, the trench should start approximately 4 inches deep and slope down, ending at approximately 8 inches deep. Helpful tip: Pile dirt on a large tarp to make dirt removal clean and easy.
UnderGround Downspout Extension Installation Guide
Step 3: Fit one end of the PVC pipe into the 90-degree elbow and the other end into the side of the Bubbler Pop-up. Set into place and adjust the pitch of the pipe as needed. The top of the green lid should be flush with the dirt line.
How to install debris filter under downspout
Step 4: Mark on your downspout where you would like the top of the Debris Filter to be installed – usually between 10 inches to 20 inches above the dirt. Cut your downspout with a tin snips at a 45-degree angle.
Debris Filter Ice Guard Install
Step 5: Hold Debris Filter under downspout and measure the length of PVC pipe needed to connect filter to elbow. Cut pipe to size and connect one end into the elbow and the other into Debris Filter. Helpful tip: Spray paint exposed PVC pipe to match Debris Filter or exterior.
UnderGround Downspout Extension Installation Guide
Step 6: Backfill the trench around PVC pipe and Bubbler Pop-up with dirt and tamp down. Return sod or add grass seeds and you’re finished!

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