Trade Show Display Boards

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Includes 3 professionally printed 26-inch by 30-inch trade show display boards made of durable, yet flexible sinter material for basement waterproofing contractors. Boards feature our Drain Main System, Water X-Tract System, hybrid Fast Track and Drain-Eze System. Light-weight displays can be attached to backdrop with velcro or hooks. They can also be place on an easel for table top display.

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Trade shows are a perfect way to kick start your new year! An appealing and informative booth is the key to a successful show. Having a clean and clear message makes it easy for trade show go-ers to understand what your company offers at quick glance. Large images with minimal text is the most effective way to convey your company’s message. We have created trade show material with all these ideas in mind.

Build Credibility and Professionalism

A lot of homeowners judge your credibility and your professionalism by the quality of your trade show. It takes a minimum of three weeks to get prepared. Our trade show material is just one step in creating a professional trade show booth. We also suggest having literature for homeowners to grab.

Create Promos to Find Your Booth

Create promos that help homeowners find your booth. Trade show environments are typically busy, packed and not always easy to navigate. Having promos for homeowners to find you booth will make it easy to generate new leads and contact more trade show go-ers.

Handout Literature

Our full-color professional literature folders are perfect for homeowners to take home and reference back to your company information. There is also a place to insert your company’s business card or simply stamp with your company’s contact information. There is a center folder that can filled with additional information you would like to provide to homeowners.

Generate Leads

Offer a sign up sheet for homeowners to fill out their name, address and phone number for you to give them a call after the show. If you are busy talking to another homeowner, other trade show go-ers have the opportunity to leave their information for you to contact them at later timer. Be sure the sheet is easy to find and easy to understand why they are leaving their information.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 1 in