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Water X-Tract System and Pro-SealOnce Waterproofing Adhesive
Above floor baseboard channel system

No Jackhammers!

No Trenching!

No Hauling Mud!

$1.66 per ft

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Pro-SealOnce Adhesive Bonds In Wet Or Dry Conditions!

Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight in wet or dry conditions
Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight in wet or dry conditions
Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight in wet or dry conditions
Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight in wet or dry conditions
Pro-SealOnce Adhesive bonds watertight in wet or dry conditions
Pro-SealOnce Professional Waterproofing Sealant


(20 ounce tubes)

Pro-SealOnce is a new generation sealant exclusive to our system. Pro-SealOnce Adhesive was specially designed to bond the Water X-Tract System watertight to the cement floor, even in wet conditions! Pro-SealOnce is a moisture activated sealant. Wet or dry the Pro-SealOnce will create a long lasting watertight bond!


Simply clean and sponge the floor free of dirt and grime. Apply a tall, thick bead of Pro-SealOnce ot the bottom of the Water X-Tract main section. Set the system in place and gently press down the main section and hold in place for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Pre-molded inside corner
Pre-molded outside corner
Butt-joint connector
End Cap





Pre-molded, easy to install corner.

Pre-molded, easy to install corner.

Connects main sections end-to-end.

Universal end cap dead ends the system.

No digging! No trenching! No jackhammers!

No hauling buckets of mud!

Water X-Tract System is an above floor baseboard cove system adhered watertight to the concrete floor using the Pro-SealOnce Adhesive. This non-invasive system is ideal for monolithic slabs. Water seeping in from where the floor and wall meet is collected by the Water X-Tract System and quietly channeled around the perimeter to the sump pump.


The key component to the success of the Water X-Tract System is the base design, using a concave ribbed base to hold sealant and compress sealant against the floor without the sealant escaping out from under it, creating a long lasting watertight bond.


Extended toe on the leading edge keeps the system upright, keeping the top tight against the wall, and adds an additional area for a watertight fillet of sealant along the leading edge.


6' 6" Main sections

1-3/4" depth

4-3/8" HEIGHT

How to install Water X-Tract channel


ITEM#: XT4444


DIMENSIONS: 1-3/4" wide x 4-3/8" tall x 6' 6" long sections

COLOR: Light Gray


Specialty Tools For Installation:

Sausage gun tips 20oz manual sausage gun Electric scarifier to clean floors and remove paint Electric scarifier heads
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