SealOnce Adhesive

Waterproofing a BasementThe SealOnce Adhesive is used to bond the SquidGee Dry System water-tight to the basement floor. In a wet or dry basement -- SealOnce Adhesive creates a waterproof seal bonding the vinyl main section to concrete! Simply apply a heavy bead of SealOnce Adhesive to the bottom of the SquidGee Dry Main Section. Position the main section next to the wall and press gently down on the floor. Finish by caulking the joint where the main section meets the floor - this is the final step to create a leak-free SquidGee Dry System.

SquidGee SealOnce bonds water tight in wet conditions!

Basement Systems Basement Waterproofing Products Waterproofing Basement Walls Super strong SealOnce™ adhesive will bond water=tight to waterproof your basement!

SealOnce Adhesive is moisture activated and cures in wet conditions, but water is not necessary for the SealOnce Adhesive to cure water-tight. Our exclusive SealOnce Adhesive was designed to make the installation of the SquidGee Dry System a breeze! To ensure a water-tight seal, avoid installing the system in standing water.

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SealOnce Adhesive
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( 1 tube of SealOnce Adhesive is needed per Main Section )


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When installing the SquidGee Dry basement waterproofing system you will need one tube of SealOnce Adhesive per SquidGee Dry main section to create a long lasting DIY basement waterproofing system. You will use have the tube of SealOnce on the bottom of each main section to create a structural bond between the main sections and basement floor. The second half of the tube of SealOnce will be use to creat the water-tight seal for the DIY basement waterproofing system with a bead along the bottom front joint between each main section and floor. Using your fingers, you will slick down the bead of glue creating the water-tight seal.

Do-it-yourself SquidGee Dry Basement Waterproofing System
SquidGee Dry main section, inside corner, outside corner, butt-joint, end cap, SealOnce Adhesive