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  • Can I purchase your products at a store near me?

    All of our products are sold factory-direct from our corporate website, Waterproof.com. We do not have any retail locations. If you are purchasing the SquidGee Dry System use the Cost Calculator, which calculates everything you need to install the system. If you are purchasing the UnderGround DownSpouts visit the DIY shopping cart to place an order. You can also give us a call at 1-800-828-2947 to order over the phone.

  • How long will take to receive my order?

    Generally, orders are shipped the same day if placed before about noon Central time. Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive an email from UPS containing your tracking number. To view transit times from our distribution center please visit our shipping information page.

  • Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes we do!


  • How do I become a Member?

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  • Do I need to be a Member to order the DIY products?

    No. The SquidGee Dry System, SealOnce Adhesive, UnderGround Downspouts and CRACK are sold retail. No membership needed to order. Member products include: Water X-Tract, Drain-Eze, Drain Main, Fast Track, Rim-Skirt are member's only product lines.

  • How do I drain the SquidGee Dry System?

    To direct the water from the SquidGee Dry System into your sump pump or floor drain, you will need to pick up a round piece of PVC pipe from your local home center. Here are the instruction on how to drain the system.

  • Can you install the SquidGee Dry System with brick or stone walls?

    The SquidGee Dry System is not glued to the basement wall, therefore, it can be installed with any style of wall. When installing the system you will simply skip the step where you drill weep holes into the wall as your walls do not have hallow cavities.

  • Can mold grow behind the system?

    The SquidGee Dry System stands 5 inches tall, creating a tall narrow channel for the water to build and flow out of the system. When the water has stopped flowing out the open end it simply flows back out the weep hole where it came in. The system is made of PVC, the same material your water pipes are made of, which does not allow mold growth. Our system will not solve a mold problem, but it will waterproof your basement, removing a key ingredient that helps mold grow.

  • Can the system collect water seepage from the face of the basement walls?

    The top of the SquidGee Dry System is not glued to the basement wall, therefore, any water seepage down the face of the basement walls or window wells overflowing will be directed back behind the system. You can also install a vapor barrier along the face of the walls and tuck it back behind the system to create a pocket for any wall seepage to travel through.

  • Will the system work if my floors are uneven?

    The SquidGee Dry System stands 5 inches tall, to create a tall narrow channel for the water to build up and flow out the open end. Minor imperfections in the level of your basement floor will be fine, but you have significant dips or hills (greater than 1-1/2 inches) in your basement you may need to address those before installing the system or install an sump pump in the lowest end of the basement.

  • How do I install the system around a pipe near my basement wall?

    If there is enough room for water to run behind the pipe you can butt up against either side of the pipe and seal it. The most effective way is to box out around the pipe using inside and outside corners.

  • How will water flow if my floor is uneven?

    SquidGee Dry System stands five inches tall to allow for uneven floors. As water around your foundation rises, it begins to flow into the SquidGee Dry System. Water flows naturally toward any low spot or drain.

  • Will water remain standing in low areas of my SquidGee Dry System?

    When the water stops flowing out at the drain or sump pump, you know that the SquidGee Dry System has finished its work. With the water level now lower than the floor, any water left standing in the SquidGee Dry System flows back out through the weep holes.



  • How long have you been in business?

    Our company dates back to October 1965, when Robert Cotten was granted his first patent. We are a family owned and operated business in our third generation.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  • Do the UnderGround Downspouts work in freezing climates?

    Our company is located in Minnesota and have them installed on our home. We experience very cold winters, freezing, snowy winters and the UnderGround Downspouts work great year round!

  • How do I remove the green lid from the UnderGround Downspout?

    To remove the lid, simply twist the lid until the tabs at the bottom of the center post line up and then you can lift out the lid, which will be connected to the center post. Then pull the lid off of the center post.

  • What size PVC pipe do I need?

    4-inch thin wall PVC pipe and an elbow. You can pick these items up at any home center or hardware store. They are not included with the UnderGround Downspout Kit.

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