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Welcome to our do-it-yourself basement waterproofing guide for homeowners!

You'll learn everything you need to know about waterproofing a basement yourself, what your

options are and basic information about why a basement leaks, what hydrostatic pressure

and a much more. We've covered it all!


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How to Fix a Leaky Wall Crack


Stop the leaks with a single application of the amazing do-it-yourself CRACK foundation wall repair sealant! It's easy, we will show you how!



Avoid These 5 Common DIY Mistakes When Waterproofing Your Basement!



DIY Homeowners vs Contractors


A common mistake homeowners make when trying to waterproof their wet basement is to push back, plug or hold water out. A contractor always does the opposite.



Importance of Relieving Hydrostatic Pressure


Contractors never use these because waterproofing paints cause hydrostatic pressure to build to dangerous levels!



FREE Do-it-yourself Basement Waterproofing Workbook


Download our free do-it-yourself workbook to help you get started on waterproofing your basement like a PRO! The workbook is packed with helpful tips and tricks to save you money and time when waterproofing your basement!



5 Signs of a Wet Basement


Having a wet basement tops the shortlist of homeowner fears. Every time it rains water seeps in, bugs come crawling and a musty, moldy smell fills the basement and creeps into your stored possessions. We've identified 5 most common signs of a wet basement and what to look for in your own basement.



8 Tips & Tricks to Prevent a Wet, Leaky Basement



How to Eliminate Musty Basement Odors


Begin with ventilating the basement by opening up windows and doors to create air movement.



Answers to Commonly Asked Basement Mold & Mildew Questions


Mold and mildew can be a very costly basement problem and cause serious concerns to your health. We'll discuss simple preventative tips for homeowners to take to keep mold and mildew growth out of their basement and common causes of mold and mildew.



Why Your Basement Leaks


Wet basements are common from the mid-west to the east cost and often found under newer homes. A variety of conditions will cause a basement to get wet and most can be dried up by putting gutters and down spouts on the house. Some will be dried up by filling low areas around the foundation with dirt and sod.



How to Determine the Source of Your Basement Water Leak


Finding the source of your basement leak is the first step in basement waterproofing.



What to do After Your Basement Flood


So what’s next after a heavy rain and your basement is flooded with water? The good news is surface water, wall seepage or back-flow from sewer lines typically causes little to no structural damage to your basement or foundation. The water inside the basement braces the walls against the pressure of outside water and waterlogged soil.



How to Finish Your Basement After Installing the DIY SquidGee Dry System


Walls can easily be paneled or finished after installing our do-it-yourself baseboard waterproofing channel. The SquidGee Dry System quietly collects seeping water and drains it away to your sump pump or floor drain. See step-by-step how to finish out around the system.



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