How to Waterproof Your Basement

Do-it-yourself SquidGee Dry basement waterproofing channel stops water leaking through the joint where the floor and walls meet.

No busting up your cement floor or hauling mud in-and-out of your basement! Bond and seal the easy to handle main sections to the floor using the our powerful, moisture-activated SealOnce Adhesive - last for decades!


With the SquidGee Dry System in place, walls can easily be finished, adding more usable living space to your home! Our easy to follow step-by-step guide will show you how to waterproof your basement like a PRO.

Included With Every Order Is Our Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Installation Guide!

Basement Waterproofing Sealant
Basement Waterproofing Channel for DIY Homeowners

1. Prep & Clean Floor

Clean the bare concrete floor by washing with clear water and sponge to remove all dirt and dust. When finished feel the area with your fingers for any loose grit left behind. Block wall foundations: Drill 5/8" weep holes into the hollow cells of each block to relieve hydrostatic pressure.

2. Apply Adhesive

When installing the SquidGee Dry System, you will need one tube of SealOnce Adhesive per 4-foot 6-inch main section. Turn a main section over and apply a tall, thick bead of SealOnce Adhesive to the bottom of the main section. Turn the main section over and set in place.

3. Install Butt-Joints to Seal

Butt-joints make a seamless watertight connection at the critical joint between main sections. Apply SealOnce Adhesive on both sides of the seam. Hook the butt-joint at the bottom and "snap" in place at the top.

Easy to Install Pre-molded Corners

4. Easy Pre-Molded Corners

Install and seal our pre-molded inside and outside corners. No mitering corner joints. Seal the corner's edges and caulk the bottom for a leak-free bond.

5. Finishing Waterproof Seal

Caulk the floor joint with enough pressure to force some of the SealOnce Adhesive under the system. Follow by slicking down and feathering the finishing bead of adhesive using a cornering tool or your fingers.

6. Drain Water Away

Drain the SquidGee Dry System to your sump pump or floor drain using our 23" Drain Port Channel. Once installed, walls can easily be finished.




We've helped over 20,000 homeowners waterproof their basement for UNDER $1,000 with the do-it-yourself SquidGee Dry System! Your basement is next!




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