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How to finish your basement

Drying up your wet basement with the SquidGee Dry System is the first step towards a clean and healthy room ready for living, storage, and play! With a properly waterproof basement, basement finishing options are endless for additional living space. Waterproofing a basement is always the first step in finishing a basement. This will ensure your investment of a finished basement and increase the value of your home. Walls that are being sheet rocked should follow these basic installation steps...

How to finish your basement after installing the SquidGee Dry System

Step 1:
Install SquidGee Dry System

A basement can't be finished until it has been properly waterproofed. Begin by installing the SquidGee Dry system along the perimeter of your wet, leaky basement to create a dry leak-free basement.

Step 2:
Attach 2" by 2" framing

Never drive nails into the floor. Horizontal base plates of 2" x 2" should be attached to the wall just above the SquidGee Dry System. Use masonry nails. Vertical 2" x 2" should be attached to the wall in the same manner. Run all 2" x 2"s from the top of the wall down to meet the horizontal base plate.

Step 3:
Insulate basement walls

Next, install insulation. Bead board insulation is an ideal product for basement walls.

Step 4:
Sheet rock over insulation

Now, it is time to sheet rock from the top of the wall down to the lower edge of the horizontal base plate. There should be a clear space under the new walls preventing water damage to the sheet rock.

Step 5:
Wall finishing

Millwork is now attached to the walls with finishing nails that are driven into the horizontal base plate. Carpet can now be installed with two face tape. (VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT NAIL TACK STRIPES TO THE FLOOR)

Step 6:
Enjoy your new basement!