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UnderGround Downspout

Debris filter

UnderGround Downspouts

Keeps Roof Water Away

From Foundations. Works Great As A Sump Pump Discharge.

UnderGround Downspout Kit includes debris filter and bubbler pot.

$15.99 per kit

*member's best price*

Carton of 12 kits

  • Eliminates discharge erosion
  • No ugly downspout extensions
  • Plumbs under service walks
  • Works with any downspout
  • Sump pump discharge

Water free falls through the debris filter diverting leaves and twigs. Water then flows underground through 8 feet of PVC pipe to the bubbler pot. As water fills up in the bubbler pot the lid raises up to let water evenly overflow onto your lawn.


The UnderGround Downspout works well with either downspout or sump pump discharge. Keeps ice from backing up and burning out the pump. Offering the UnderGround Downspout system with your program will give your salesmen an edge over the competition!

How to install UnderGround Downspout Kits

Components of the UnderGround Downspout Kit:

You can order parts separately if needed.

Debris filter / Ice guard Solid drain cover lid Center post Bubbler pot

Debris filter &

ice guard

Multi-purpose filter ejects leaves and twigs. Acts as the ice break protection during cool weather. Also, commonly used as a sump pump discharge.


Solid green lid is UV stabilized. When water fills up in the bubbler pot the lid raises to let water bubble out and drops closed to keep grass clippings form entering. Lid attached to and supported by the center post.

center post

Center post supports the lid and locks into the bottom of the bubbler pot. Hole in the bottom of the center post allows water to drain out the bottom.

bubbler pot

Bubbler pot connects to the 4-inch PVC pipe underground and collects the water keeping roof water from collecting around the home's foundation.

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