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UnderGround Downspout Extension Diverters
Bubbler Pot Downspout Kit

UnderGround Downspouts

Keeps Roof Water Away From Foundation

Proper water management around the foundation of your home can be very effective at keeping the water from reaching your basement. No maintenance needed! Rugged solid lid keeps grass clippings out and can withstand the weight of a riding lawnmower! Works seamlessly with any size or shape gutters, in warm and cold climates!

UnderGround Downspout Kit
$24.85 per kit


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Kit Includes: Debris filter, lid, center post & bubbler pot

(4-inch pipe & elbow not included)

Works With Any

Size or Style Downspout!

Water free falls into the debris filter and flows underground through the 8 feet of PVC pipe. As water fills up in the bubbler pot the lid raises up to let water evenly flow over onto your lawn.


Drainage slots in the bubbler pot lets standing water filter down into the ground. The solid drain cover will then drop down and seal out grass clippings and dirt.


The center post guides and supports the lid from collapsing under the weight of a lawn mower and from being sucked up by a lawn mower. Easy DIY installation!

How To Install:

Select an area for the Bubbler Pot at least 8 feet from the house in line with your downspout. Dig a hole 8 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter for the Bubbler Pot to set in. Scoop out a shallow trench from the house to the Bubbler Pot, slopping from 4 inches deep to 8 inches deep at the Bubbler Pot.


Using standard 4" thin wall PVC pipe and elbow (purchased separately). Fit one end of the pipe into the Bubbler Pot the other end to the elbow. Hold the Debris Filter up against the house just under your downspout and measure the length of pipe needed to connect the Debris Filter to the elbow. Back fill the trench and around the Bubbler Pot with dirt and tamp down. And you're finished!

UnderGround Downspout Kit

(Includes: Debris filter, lid,
center post & bubbler pot)

$24.85 each


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Debris Filter and Ice Guard

Debris Filter

$7.85 each


Bulk Pricing Available

UV Stable Lid Cover


$7.85 each

Center Post

Center Post

$3.85 each

Bubbler Pot

Bubbler Pot

$5.85 each

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