Severe Weather Ahead for Midwest

January 29, 2013

Severe WeatherWeather reports show severe weather headed for the Midwest toward the Mid-Altantic today and tomorrow. They are projecting 90 to 105 miles per hour winds just 5,000 feet above the ground in some areas, which could lead severe wind damage and possible tornados. Heavy rainfalls threaten much of the affected area leading to frozen ground and unsafe driving conditions. Flood watches are also in effect for part of the upper Midwest. Read the full article on The Weather Channel for more details.

Storms and flooding often lead to a wet basement. Here are a few tips to keep your possessions safe from water damage if you do not have a basement waterproofing system installed:

Move items away from the walls. Nine out of ten basements leak water in through the joint where the floor and walls meet. Moving the items away the from the walls will make it easier to remove the water.

Get items up off the floor. Using a few cinder blocks and sheet or two of plywood make a well supported platform to store your items above the floor.

Use a wet vacuum to suck up the water seepage. Another option is a mop and bucket during a power outage.

Monitor your sump pump. If you do not have a high water alarm for your sump pump you will need to monitor your sump pump for failure during a power outage. Having a high water alarm is ideal for every sump pump system, the best option is one that has the ability to call you notifying you that your pump has quit whether you are at home, work or out of the house verus a buzzer noise. A high water alarm is your best defense in a power outage. Instead of purchasing an expensive triple safe back up pump system that only last a few hours, you could purchase a high water alarm, a replacement main sump pump and a generator used to keep power throughout the house that will last much longer.

Install a basement waterproofing system. Every home with a basement needs a basement waterproofing system to protect their investment. There are many options on the market today from professionally installed basement systems to highly effective do-it-yourself basement waterproofing products.

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