Don’t Paint, Patch or Try to Plug Up a Wet Basement – Waterproof Your Basement Like a PRO!

November 29, 2012

waterproof a basementMost homeowner’s first instinct when fixing a wet basement is usually painting, patching or trying to plug up a leak. The trouble with caulking, patching or painting over a leak is they are not long-term solutions to a basement water problem. That is why professional waterproofing contractors don’t offer these services.

These inexpensive “push-back” methods try to keep the water out of a basement, which many homeowner’s believe is the solution to their wet basement. Instead homeowners should think like a professional basement waterproofing contractor to remedy their problem. Choosing a basement waterproofing product that will tap into the basement water and properly manage it is the PRO’s way of waterproofing a basement.

Trying to push back water will not solve the wet basement issue, as water is forced into your home by hydrostatic pressure. A “push-back” basement waterproofing method will not relieve hydrostatic pressure, so water will simply find a new way to enter your basement, which often causes a bigger problem.

The solutions is to tap into the source of the water to relieve hydrostatic pressure by drilling weep holes into the bottom row of cinder blocks. Next, install a baseboard waterproofing system where the floor and basement walls meet. This glue-down baseboard channel system will capture the basement water and direct it to a sump pump system. This type of above floor baseboard channel basement system is a long-term solution to a wet basement. You can even finish a basement once installed.

The SquidGee Dry DIY basement waterproofing system is a contractor-grade product at a do-it-yourself cost to homeowners. To find out what it would cost to install in your wet basement simply measure and total up the perimeter of your basement, count the number of inside and outside corners in your basement and enter those into our Quick Quote basement waterproofing cost calculator for a free estimate in seconds!

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