Do-it-yourself Basement Waterproofing Tips

April 13, 2012

diy basement waterproofingDo-it-yourself basement waterproofing is affordable, easy to do, and it works! The trick is finding the right wet basement solution for your home!

A wet basement can be a scary thing to many homeowners and the thought of fixing it yourself can seem a little overwhelming, but do-it-yourself basement waterproofing is a much easier task than many homeowners think! Initially DIY homeowners want to reach for waterproofing paints, which are only okay for a few months, but will begin to peel, pop off and leave your basement a mess and you’ll be suffering from a wet basement! Yuck!

Instead, choose an effective, long-term DIY basement waterproofing! Select an above floor hollow baseboard channel that quietly collects basement water and drains it away to your sump pump. There are different vinyl baseboard channels available to do-it-yourself homeowners, but none with the history and longevity the SquidGee Dry System has accomplished in the past 35+ years! The DIY basement waterproofing SquidGee Dry System is proving its outstanding performance, ease of installation and affordablility in thousands of homes across the United States and Canada.

Still a little unsure if a do-it-yourself basement waterproofing system is right for you? Give us a call and share a little information with us, like where does the water enter your basement, how often does water seep into your basement and other basic information about your home and we’ll help you decide which basement system is right for your basement. You may simply need proper landscaping around your home’s foundation, which we can help you accomplish, or maybe a do-it-yourself baseboard channel is what your basement needs, which we can give you a quick quote for your next do-it-yourself project!

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