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Differences Between Do-it-yourself and Contractors

A do-it-yourself basement waterproofer will always try to stop or plug water from seeping into the basement... Usually, they try plugging leaks and patching cracks, which never work long-term and only waste their money and time. Many homeowners try painting the problem away with some miracle paints that again only waste their money and forever make a mess of there basement. Most of you have already tried these and know that they just don't do the job because your basement is still wet.


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Waterproofing Paints

Prep Work +

Installation Labor

Difficulty of Work

Relieves Hydrostatic Pressure



2 Day Prep Work

+ 3 Day Install

1/2 Day Prep Work

+ 1 Day Install

1 Day Prep Work

+ 2 Day Install

5 Day Project

1.5 Day Project

3 Day Project








$$$ - $$$$

$ - $$

Contractor Installed Drain-Tile

Contractors do just the opposite... A contractor will promote water coming into the basement by drilling weep holes in the bottom row of block walls. By doing this, the hydrostatic pressure is released and the water is then drained away and controlled with a variety of waterproofing systems available to contractors. Some waterproofing systems are sub-floor systems, other systems sit on top of the footer, and some sit on top of the basement floor. All systems relieve hydrostatic pressure, then drain the unwanted water seepage to a sump pump or some type of drain.


If you're going to do-it-yourself... Use the SquidGee Dry System and you'll enjoy a clean dry basement that will add value and comfort to your home!

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