Third Generation Family Business Since 1965!

1984: Original DIY basement waterproofing Beaver system

2015: Second generation DIY basement waterproofing SquidGee Dry system

We are the leader in professional and do-it-yourself basement waterproofing products! All of our propriety systems are manufactured right here in the USA! Our third generation family-owned and operated business dates back to 1965 when Robert “Bob” Cotten first patented the Beaver Basement Water Control System. Our original do-it-yourself baseboard channel system was the first time a homeowner had access to a contractor-grade basement waterproofing solution! Since then, we’ve upgraded our original system to the new and improved SealOnce Basement System!

The NEW third generation SealOnce Basement System bonds water-tight to concrete! We’ve helped thousands of homeowners dry up their wet basement themselves, saving them thousands of dollars! Today, we’ve helped over 10,000 homeowners dry up their wet basement for under $1000!

We’ve expanded our product lines to include professional basement waterproofing supplies! We carry a full array of contractor-grade waterproofing systems from an above floor channel to a rugged stand alone footer system to our new hybrid subfloor drain tile system. Our professional line of “Member’s Only” products were designed to save you and your company money with high efficiency rapid flow systems. These labor saving designs will increase your bottom line and save you time on the job!

Feet Installed

Our systems have been installed at the Hoover Dam, Fort Knox, US Embassy, Mercer County Housing, several universities and colleges across the United States.

Generation Family Business

Our products are proudly made in the USA! We use recycled plastic materials, which forms a much stronger PVC composite then virgin materials!

Filled For Our First Patent

Over 50 years proven performance drying up wet basements! is THE solution to a leaky basement!

“Finished installing my waterproofing last week and two heavy rains later not a single drop! Great product!”



“Hi, Just want to tell you that you have a very good product that is easy to install. I had seepage in my basement every time it rained but since installing the system we have been totally dry. No more musty, damp basement.”



“It was easy to install and the parts and instructions were excellent. Thanks.”